From transport to support,

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Marlborough & District LINK Scheme is a local voluntary group which offers a good neighbour service to local people who are in need either because they are elderly, disabled, single parents or perhaps are temporarily in need because of illness or injury.


LINK Schemes have existed in Wiltshire since 1979 and Marlborough & District LINK Scheme was set up during 1996 to provide a service to the local community. This essential service provides a safety net for those unable to access services in other ways and was set up in response to the community recognising a need for this help.

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If you need help

Call 01672 288007

Our phone line is open

Monday to Friday • 9am to 5pm (Except Bank Holidays)

Your call will be answered by a LINK Co-ordinator who will take details of your request. They will

then contact a volunteer who can help you. You will be phoned back to confirm the arrangement.


Please tell the co-ordinator if you have any particular requirements.

Please leave a message if there is no answer and we’ll get back to you.

Transport is provided for:

• Medical Appointments

• Shopping

• Visiting relatives or friends in hospital

• Social visits

• Attendance at Luncheon Clubs, Day Centres, Organised Activities etc



• Shopping

• Prescriptions

• Library books


Volunteers also offer practical help for small tasks in the home or garden and caring support eg. befriending or reading to a visually impaired client.


Our LINK Scheme responds to the needs of the community and uses the skills offered by volunteers - if we can, when we can and how we can.

What will it cost?

Whatever you can give!

There is no set charge, but we do invite you to make a donation towards the Marlborough & District LINK Scheme. A mileage allowance is paid to our drivers, and we have telephone expenses as well as stationery and other administrative costs. We could not continue to operate without the donations we receive from LINK Scheme users.